3823: Friar didn't have pala regen with self lower endu buff on

Reported by ☆ Gta at Fri, 03 Mar 2017 12:03:19 UTC
gamemechanic bug
1 confirmations


As a friar 50 with a paly 50 in my grp i full buff my friar then the paly put regen endu on i'm not affect.

Reproduction Steps

1. Be a friar 50 49 buff. Full buff yourself
2. Grp a paly with red regen endu and ask him to activate, it doesn't affect you
3. Kick you're self buff that lower use of endu, still not affected
4. Die and be rez, regen endu affect you now.

Intended Behavior

In my old memories i think regen endu of paly his like af buff, they should kick self friar buff.
But maybe it stack i'm not totally sure


My evidence was on Odin's gate few days ago with my rvr grp. I was the only one not affected by regen endu. allready got this while xping at llyn barfog


issue is new, and needs confirmation
requires 2 more confirmations
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