3822: Animist Cad Goddeau A Step #2 - Chief Neasan not responding

Reported by ☆ Fleash at Fri, 03 Mar 2017 10:41:18 UTC
worldbuild bug
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For the Animist Epic, Cad Goddeau A, at step #2 after turning in the Druid Plant to Chief Neasan, he prompts you to [prove your strength]. Clicking on it in the text box does not elicit a response, nor does /saying prove your strength. I turned off my custom UI, logged out, and back in. Looked up previously issue entries from about a year ago, and tried /saying 2 per a workaround by Gnome, but it still isn't doing anything after turning in the plant.

Reproduction Steps

1. Level Animist to 15
2. Complete Animist Epic quest to Cad Goddeau A step #2
3. Try to complete the dialog with Chief Neasan

Intended Behavior

NPC should respond to clicking the highlighted text, or saying the highlighted text.




issue has been assigned to Abydos
priority: 10
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