3798: Hunter AF Shield not a specc shield?

Reported by ★★ Duergar at Wed, 01 Mar 2017 00:19:53 UTC
gamemechanic bug


well the titel say it. Hunter shield spell seems not to be a specc shield here, works like healer/shaman af shield buff. Shouldn`t it be a specc shield on top normal AF or was it a change on later patches? have searched some patches but couldn`t found notes on this.

Reproduction Steps

1. play hunter, wear 99% or 100% armor lvl 51
2. buff up
3. see, shield brings anly +7 af on 99% armor.

Intended Behavior

well if it is a bug, dev`s will know how to change it


Maybe no bug, if someone can fount notes on this to clear it would be nice.


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