3790: Necromancer CHAIN Stun from Annihilation Style

Reported by ☆☆ Lancelot at Mon, 27 Feb 2017 17:13:59 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Ive get Chain Stunned from a Hero with the Annihilation Style and didnt managed to get out
its always 9 seconds without any immunity
im not sure if it works with slam or other stunns

its impossible to play necromancer with that bug in rvr

Reproduction Steps

1. summon necro pet
2. get stunned with the hero annihilation stun all the time without any chance to escape/do something

Intended Behavior

should have a immunity like stun on a player
its impossible to play in rvr

ppls chainstunn and dance after...


its impossible to play, you get chainstunned
the character is unplayable


issue was resolved by Nayru
15 players say this report is valid, 0 disagree


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