3782: In-Game Armorcrafting Masterpiece Rate Incorrect

Reported by ☆ Daario at Sun, 26 Feb 2017 21:57:00 UTC
gamemechanic bug


A GM recently released a statement stating 99% quality armor should be a 1/6 chance and a 100% quality armor should be a 1/50 chance for a capped, LGM Armorcrafter. I can confirm the 1/6 rate for 99 quality across 3136 crafts, however, the 100% quality rates are certainly off by roughly half a percent. Across 3136 crafts of 1100+ skill studded and chain armor, I have successfully made only 48 100% quality pieces, showing a rate of 1.53%, substantially under the 2% rate. While this seems insignificant to most people, this requires FAR more crafts to successfully make a 100% quality piece. If the information given for Masterpiece rates from a GM is 1/50, and it's actually 1/66, that's substantially higher in cost.

Those of us selling 100% quality pieces are losing time and money, as the prices we charge have to be higher than they would with a 1/50 rate. For example, the material cost for a single 100% quality boot, vendoring the failures, should be 1378 gold at a 1/50 rate, but it's actually 1793 gold. We can't argue charging a profitable amount when people are misinformed by the staff on the rate for MPs.

So please either adjust the numbers to accurately reflect a 2.0% masterpiece quality rate on 1100+ armor, or release a statement confirming the 1.5% masterpiece rate so we can charge people an honest, above-cost price.

Reproduction Steps

1. Craft any heavy armor (1100+ AC skill) several hundred times to confirm low rate.

Intended Behavior

There simply needs to be a numbers adjustment for Masterpiece armor quality rates. It is currently about half a percent too low (1.5% instead of 2.0%).


Evidence is based on the tracking of 3136 individual crafts of 1100+ skill heavy studded and chain armor on Midgard.


Issue was invalid:
Its a fixed 2% rate
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