3774: You can Withdraw vault items from Consigment Merchant

Reported by ☆☆☆ Seireln at Sat, 25 Feb 2017 23:15:36 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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If you try to move items around in a certain manner on your Consigment Merchant, you end up withdrawing items from your personal vault--
in this particular case, from Slot 149 [last vault slot]

Reproduction Steps

1. Interect with your Consigment Merchant
2. Left-click an item from your Consigment Merchant
3. Find an empty slot on your Consig Merchant and left-click on the area where the item name would show up
4. Left-click on an empty slot in your inventory
5. Note if you had an item in your person vault in the final slot, that item is now in your inventory [and if you had no item, a message appears for 'invalid item slot 149']

Intended Behavior

It should not be possible to pull items from the vault using your consig merchant

Replicating the above mentioned steps but instead picking a filled spot on your consigment merchant and then picking an empty spot in your inventory withdraws the proper item from the consigment merchant


vault NPC for vault
housing merchant for housing inventory


issue has been assigned to Blue
priority: 1
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