3753: Pet Freezes if Rooted and its Target moves too far away

Reported by ☆☆☆ Seireln at Thu, 23 Feb 2017 04:19:53 UTC
gamemechanic bug


When a Pet is pursuing a target and the Pet gets Rooted, it ceases all actions if the Target moves beyond a certain range and stands there indefinitely until put on passive

Sometimes the Pet becomes completely unresponsive to all commands

The only solution to the latter problem is to release/resummon Pet

Reproduction Steps

[Used cabalist pet in this case]
1. Send pet to attack a realm enemy
2. Pet gets rooted
3. the Target the pet is chasing moves beyond x Range
4. Pet's pose visibly changes [from combat/walking to standing posture]
5. Root fades
6. Observe Pet standing in place indefinitely

Intended Behavior

Whether or not the pet should chase the target to the ends of the earth or not I don't know
It should return to the caster if target moves too far to continue chasing


A charmed/controlled pet will now chase a target for a certain distance, and then return to its master. Previously, it would chase its target forever.

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