3748: Amnesia should not insta-break speed, but it does

Reported by Selenus at Wed, 22 Feb 2017 21:42:21 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Currently, amnesia spells (bard/sorc/healer) are instantly breaking speed, instead of allowing the speed pulse to run its duration until the end. This is an issue because it severely impairs the efficiency of speed on inc.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get on a character with speed, ie skald/bard/minstrel
2. Have someone cast amnesia on you as you're running
3. Witness yourself instantly losing speed

Intended Behavior

The correct behaviour for amnesia breaking speed would be for speed to last until the pulse ends (6s).
Therefore, you should script amnesia to not instantly break speed, but rather give you a countdown on your speed pulse, and once it expires, then you lose speed.


As you can see in the video provided (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv-PEu1X0jw) at the 6m50s mark, taken from Live back in SI days, the members of the alb group which were affected by the bard's instant amnesia kept speed until the speed pulse expired. You may find identical behaviour in other RvR videos from the same DAoC period.

It is not possible to provide you with screenshots because a still image cannot demonstrate you the incorrect behaviour of this spell - it is required to see the behaviour of someone affected by amnesia over a period of time after being amnesia'd.

It is also not possible to provide you with a TL report or archive.org snapshot or old camelot herald post because changes were not made to amnesia's behaviour.


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