3744: Wrong behaviour for inviting people while group is in combat

Reported by 🌟 Greenpeace at Wed, 22 Feb 2017 19:18:48 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Was wondering if the mechanics for inviting people WHILE group is engaged in combat(pve/rvr) is working livelike.
Got a patchnote from post 1.65 and it seems uthgard is not having the correct mechanics atm.

On uthgard there is no sort of groupcombat-check in place. A group can invite players at any time, which could lead to abuse(if people do so)
Only combatcheck for ungrouped/solos is in place.
Swapping players during rvr-fights for ra-benefits( sos, bof, gp, etc^^)
Or just spontaneous invites during combats in rvr/pve.

And there only was a softchange in patch 1.70 for rvr.
PvE still kept that mechanic post 1.70!

Reproduction Steps

1. Log any realm
2. Find a group
3. Let the group engage in a battle, no matter if pve/rvr
4. Get invited by same group
5. Try to accept the invite while group is still in combat

Intended Behavior

There should be a groupcombat-check in place for pve/rvr as it was until 1.70(for rvr) and even post 1.70 (for pve)


Patch for 1.70


- The check which prevents players from joining groups in combat now only applies to PvE combat. Groups engaged in RvR combat can freely bring new players into the group.

And my memory from hib pve(specially fingrps).
Groups always had to HOLD their pulls for inviting new players. Sometimes people didnt notice the groupchat and kept pulling... :D


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