3713: Tomte Vest/Jerkin Quest: Questitems are sellable

Reported by ☆☆☆ Gnagnag at Sun, 19 Feb 2017 09:09:35 UTC
worldbuild bug
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This quest tells you to kill tomtes to reveice 3 tomte bracers. (Step 1).
As soon as you have these 3 bracers, the quests goes to step 2: Bring the bracers to the NPC. If you accidently sell a bracer now, you cannot finish the quest anymore, as bracers only drop in Step 1, not in step 2.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get the quest, kill 3 tomte thugs. Quest will be on step 2 now.
2. Sell one or more bracers.
3. Try to complete the quest.

Intended Behavior

1. Quest items should not be sellable
2. Optional: Bracers should also drop in step 2, if the player has less than 3 in his inventory.


Quest items should not be sellable - otherwise you will have lots of /callgms that are not needed.


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