3710: how come the main crafter at relic keep and not sc and alch

Reported by ☆ Sodaboy at Sun, 19 Feb 2017 00:26:36 UTC
worldbuild bug


how come is fair for uthgard server/staff to have plan pvp fight against crafter's running to relic keep and then again how is it fair that all crafter need to run to relic keep beside spellcrafter and alch, how much this is fair for players to run out there and getting ganked by other realms all day

Reproduction Steps

1. check merchant spot
2. findt a new way to fix this
3. option 1. put all 800+ merchant in relic keep or options 2. put all merchant in main city

Intended Behavior

1. place a merchant in main city
2. place last merchant for alch/spellcraft in relic keep
3. dont make plan pvp fight since is not allow for players


is npc mechant you need to fix this it cause plan pvp fight or is 100% guarantee pvp kills and is not even for all crafters


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