3691: Minstrels flute mez (LOS, Target, CC problems)

Reported by ☆ Broim at Fri, 17 Feb 2017 20:05:48 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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Here on Uthgard you can't start your mez song on your target unless you have LOS.

If you are out of range or LOS of your target your mez will start pulsing. If you don't have anything targetet your mez won't land until you take a target.

When you have played your song for 1.5sec and get CCed your mez will stop playing here on Uthgard. It won't land on your target when you get out of mez or stun.

Reproduction Steps

1. Make a Minstrel

2. LOS: Try to mez someone with your flute song when you are facing your target. You should be in range and stand behind a hill or a wall.

3. Target: Start playing your mez song on a target and face another direction so your mez start pulsing. Make sure you don't have anything in target and then face your target again. Your mez wont land.

4. CC: Play your mez song for 1.5sec and then get CCed either mez or stun.

Intended Behavior

LOS: You should be able to start your mez as long as you are in range and are facing your target. It doesn't matter if you are behind a wall or a hill as long as you are in range you should be able to start playing your song. But your mez should only land on your target when you get in LOS.

Target: When your mez starts pulsing and you are in range of your target your mez should land when you are in LOS even if you don't have anything targeted.

CC: If you have played your mez song for 1.5sec and then get CCed(mez or stun) Your mez should land on your target right after your CC breaks.


If you watch my youtube video I have done tests on Uthgard and Pendragon.

Here you can also read what people said about minstrel mez 2003.

2) Our mez song can be started even if the target is not within Line of Sight. The target must be within RANGE for the song to START, but the target does not have to be within LOS OR RANGE for the song's casting time to complete. This is useful when you are attacking or defending a keep, because you can target an enemy, and as long as you are within RANGE, you can start your mez song, even if you can't see the enemy. This allows you to get through those three seconds in saftey when you're behind a keep wall. Also, since you can move while the song is starting up, you can easily move yourself INTO LOS of the target without waiting for the target to move itself into LOS. This is useful for mezzing around corners.



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