3655: Jamtland Loot bag too far away

Reported by ☆ Cheesethief at Tue, 14 Feb 2017 17:07:28 UTC
gamemechanic bug


Cannot pick up loot no matter how close due to loot being "too far away".
This has happened before infrequently.

Reproduction Steps

1. kill mobs from a distance
2. ideally have the mob die on a hill, jagged hills work best but slight inclines can also
3. Rarely the loot bag will drop and you will be unable to pick it up

Intended Behavior

Make sure loot drops where the mob died on the surface of the ground.


This is a picture showing me standing beside the loot bag unable to pick it up. I ran in larger and larger circles around the bag in case it's apparent location was incorrect but could not pick it up.


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