3647: Stuck on Warden LVL20 Epic Quest Step #13

Reported by ☆ Zaphod at Mon, 13 Feb 2017 23:43:01 UTC
worldbuild bug
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I seem to have sold a quest item required to complete step #13 of the warden lvl 20 epic quest. The item is the drop required from the hill hound, a pelt. I killed one, got the item, then progressed to step #13. At some point I must have sold the quest item and now I cannot complete step #13.

The quest item should not be able to be sold, only deleted if the quest is abandoned.

Reproduction Steps

1. Start warden epic quest for lvl 20, progress to step #12.
2. Kill hill hound and get "Bag of Powder" from the guard near Connla.
3. Once on step #13, sell the hill hound dropped quest item.

Intended Behavior

The quest item dropped by the hill hound should be no drop, no sell.




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