3644: Sprint while encumbered not working

Reported by ☆ Garysaurus at Mon, 13 Feb 2017 20:18:21 UTC
gamemechanic bug
2 confirmations


When 100% rooted from encumbrance you currently are unable to sprint + move. This is not live like. you have ALWAYS been able to sprint and move (at a crawl speed) regardless of your encumbrance. example, you can be 1000 encumb with only 40 space and still crawl as long as you sprint.

This is a huge issue on this server with low str classes and the no buffbots. As it is right now when crafting you need to beg for str buffs and then hope they stay in range for 30 seconds so you can sell. low str classes are stuck to purchasing low amount of materials and only able to get a few crafts in at a time.

Reproduction Steps

1. Load up live and max inventory fully encumbered. sprint and notice you can move.
2. Do the same on uthgard, notice you can't move.

Intended Behavior

You should be able to hit sprint and move at a crawl speed.


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