3634: Midgard mob "Enhorning" wrong setting of their heal-spell.

Reported by 🌟 Greenpeace at Mon, 13 Feb 2017 08:25:21 UTC
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When i was watching a video of a sorc rvring in midfrontiers she was roaming with a "Enherning" horsepet. These do exist in raumarik and odins gate afaik.

In fight the pet would heal itself AND the sorc for over 700 hp.
Thats not intented behaviour for this pet.
This pet should only have the ability to heal itself in critical situations, thus self-instant.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get a sorc
2. Charm an "Enherning"
3. Check if the pet will heal the owner/groupmates
4. Check live infos about it.

Intended Behavior

Pet should only heal itself at times. There is probably some hidden cooldown for it that might need to get tested on live ...



Description tells selfheal

"The enhorning have a special ability to be able to heal themselves in battle. I
took one on solo and he insta healed himself twice during our battle. Was a
good thing that I diseased him or the heals would have been stronger and I'm
sure I would have died to a yellow con enhorning."

Comments from 2002 to 2004 tell they selfheal IF below 30% and randomly, aka not every time it got below 30%( hidden cooldown maybe?)

"The horse would not heal me at all, it's a self-heal only. It seemed to heal itself only when it was below 30%, once it was down to like 1% before it did it - it was pretty random."

"They cast insta heals on themselves, so be aware of that."


issue was resolved by Gnome
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