3626: Guild emblems gets removed on horse.

Reported by ☆ Selundel at Sun, 12 Feb 2017 21:15:31 UTC
worldbuild bug


When you are on a horse and remove equipped cloak and shield with guild emblem on it to delve it, when you equip it back on horse the emblems are gone.

Reproduction Steps

1. Get an cloak and shield. Put guild emblem on it. Equip both items.
2. Get on a horse.
3. Put the equipped cloak and shield in your inventory and delved to a channel (I delved into a chat group) Reequip the item to find out guild emblems are gone.

Intended Behavior

Guild emblems should stick even if we put thoses said items in the bag while on a horse.


My character had both cloak and shield emblemed, and now for a reason I don't know guild have removed the right to emblem ourselves the said items, so both my items are now not emblemed.


Issue was invalid:
Resolved by other fix (emblem was updated on region change -- now has been fixed)
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