3616: Enchanter NPC enchanting vendor weapons+armor .

Reported by ☆ Nexox at Sun, 12 Feb 2017 11:18:17 UTC
gamemechanic bug


the NPC Enchanter enchanted some weapons and armor I had bought from a vendor. (fine alloy warhammer , and some chain armor) . the issue is , should this even be possible? if so then the main issue is I was able to get these items Enchanted but as soon as I relogged or repaired the items I lost the Bonus % in the bottom right of the weapon or armor from the enchant , but it had the item name still (Glowing fine alloy warhammer) etc.

Reproduction Steps

1. buy a piece of armor or weapon from an NPC
2. Enchant it from the enchanter in the city for a small price
3. repair the item or relog with it to see the Bonus % in the bottom right of the weapon .

Intended Behavior

Either display the correct bonus % in the bottom right of the item window when it is repaired or you relog . or fix the bug , I am unsure of the specifics


I am sure it is either a bug or a broken game mechanic because the displayed item bonus % is 0% after repairing. but it still says the enchanted item title .. I.E: Glowing Fine alloy warhammer , but 0% bonus displayed.


Issue was invalid:
This is possible on live. The bug that caused the bon to be removed has been fixed
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