3584: Vigilant Soul Pathing Broken.

Reported by ☆☆ Aruden at Fri, 10 Feb 2017 10:30:43 UTC
worldbuild bug
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The Vigilant Soul camp above Fallen Warriors in Barrows is not pathing correctly. The are teleporting downstairs and back up when pulled, and sometimes pathing correctly... but blinking in and out of existence and facing the wrong way when running to you.

Reproduction Steps

1. Stand just above the pillar on the right hand side of the Vigilant Soul camp above Fallen Warriors just at the bottom of the stairs but out of range of the respawn on the stairs to the balcony area. (Time honored no repop pulling location for this camp.)
2. Pull any of the Vigilant Souls from the other side of the Balcony.
3. Watch as they warp downstairs and back up instead of pathing around as they should. Also notice about 1 in 10 will blind oddly and face incorrectly while managing to actually path. You may have to move just slightly within about a 50 unit radius to get this effect to happen.

Intended Behavior

Vigilant Souls should have around the walkway instead of teleporting down to Fallen Warrior room.


Many years of leveling alb casters using that walkway as additional killing time.


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