3534: Crafting tasks award no money after crash

Reported by Bloodless at Mon, 06 Feb 2017 17:56:32 UTC
worldbuild bug


There is an issue with crafting tasks (the ones received from the crafting trainers). If a player receives a crafting task and, before completing the task, disconnects and reconnects to the game, they will not receive the reward for completing the task (but they will still lose the item).

This creates a significant problem with these tasks, as the player actually loses significant money from performing the task (which is supposed to generate a modest amount of money).

Reproduction Steps

1. Have an Albion character who is a Tailor with Tailoring skill that is below 500
2. Target Arliss Eadig <Tailors Master>
3. Type the command: '/whi task' to receive the crafting task.
4. Log out of the game.
5. Log back into the game.
6. Create the item required by the task. (you can type /task again to see the item name if needed).
7. Go to the NPC who requires the item. (you can type /task again to see the NPC name if needed).
8. Select the item required by the task in your inventory (left click).
9. Give the item to the NPC (left click on the NPC).
10. You will have successfully completed the task, but you will receive no reward.

Intended Behavior

Successfully completing a crafting task should still provide a reward, even if the user disconnects before completing the task.


I don't want to be rude, but I don't feel that proof is necessary (or possible) in this case. It's just a minor bug with how a feature has been implemented. It should be fairly obvious that my proposed solution is correct.


Issue is a duplicate: #1652
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