3525: Moran is bugged - too far away - same with his loot.

Reported by ☆☆☆ Zurffette at Mon, 06 Feb 2017 05:13:38 UTC
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The mob Moran the Mighty. When we are attacking him on his mound (where he spawns) we get the ''Too far away'' message and we cant hit him with melee. Thats ONE bug.
Second MAJOR bug, when he eventually dies, if we were unlucky to kill him on his mound (he moves around after teleporting a group member), the loot cannot be picked up. We get message : blahblah is too far away to pick up.

P.S. Ontop of that mound, we can attack/kill/loot ALL the other mobs/adds without any problems at all. The bug is on Moran the Mighty himself ONLY.

Reproduction Steps

1. Try to hit Moran the Mighty with MELEE on the mound which he spawns.
2. Fail to do step 1 in an epic manner.
3. If he dies (from pets/spells/w/e), try to loot his lootbag.
4. Fail to do step 3 in an epic manner aswell.

Intended Behavior

Mob should be attackable on his spawnpoint by melee (on the mound that is).

Loot should be able to be picked up.



That screenshot should be enough proof. I have many more if asked for.


issue was resolved by Abydos
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