3521: How to reset the Launcherpath

Reported by Keo at Mon, 06 Feb 2017 00:01:45 UTC
launcher bug


I had chosen the wrong .exe and now i have no chance to log in. every time i´m landing on the official homepage, cause i have chosen the link.exe to there instead the camelot.exe. I already installed the game and the launcher new, but i think the path is saved in the registry? how can i change this?

Reproduction Steps

1. find out how the choice for the camelot.exe can be resetted
2. implement a function in the uthgard-launcher to choose the path again, if the uthgard-launcher ist startet again
3. make a how to fix this explain

Intended Behavior

for the beginning a description how the chosen path for the camelot.exe can be changed should help. i think the information ist stored somewhere on the pc and must be deleted.


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