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3489: Melancholy Fairy Queen's loot table broken

Reported by ★ Ixtab at Sat, 04 Feb 2017 04:20:07 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Melancholy Fairy Queen does not drop several items. In fact, it seems she doesn't drop *any* at all. Me and some friend started farming this mob (and the other fairies around her) to acquire the spears she's supposed to drop but had no luck. Please note that we've been farming the spot for days now.

Reproduction Steps

1. Kill Melancholy Fairy Queen (& her guards) and notice she doesn't drop anything at all.

Intended Behavior

Based on october 2003's Allakhazam, the Queen is supposed to drop the following items:

- Black Crystal Fairy Crown
- Blue Crystal Fairy Crown
- Cloak of Delusions
- Trident of Light
- Trident of Night

Please fix her loot table.



Please note that in the blog section there are posts from april to september 2003 (way earlier than 1.65, october 2003) where people discuss about tactics on how to kill her, confirming that the Queen actually dropped those five items back in the days.


issue has been assigned to Gnome
priority: 14
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