3484: Thidranki keep capture quest - fails and removes at lvl 25

Reported by ☆ Bignbeautiful at Fri, 03 Feb 2017 20:55:37 UTC
worldbuild bug


I had accepted the quest "thidranki keep capture" , had captured the keep and was on step two " ...acquire more combat experience..." Which is 350 rps ( the rp cap for the BG)
I had capped RPS just as i dinged lvl 25 while in Thidranki. I released and checked quest status and it still said " ...acquire more combat experience.." I went to the quest NPC and right clicked him, and got the message that i failed the quest, presumable because i am now lvl 25. Here are links to the grab bags stating that the BG quests can be completed one level above the BG lvl cap.


Reproduction Steps

1. Be level 20-24 and accept quest from Ostaden (midgard)
2. Participate in capturing the thidranki keep to move onto step two of quest
3. kill enemies until you have 350+ rps and level to lvl 25 before handing in quest
4. Right click on Ostaden again only to have your dreams of bulk xp shattered.

Intended Behavior

according to grab bags from 2003 and patch 1.60

quest should be able to be completed one level above the BG lvl cap.


here are two screenshots of my realm rank, lvl, and quest failing.

I dont have a screenshot of my quest and quest status because i didnt expect anything to happen when i right clicked the NPC( or for it be completely removed from my quest list)
I have never had a quest be removed from my list, except when successfully completed.
links to grab bag from 1.60 stating quest behavior


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