3468: Random Object Generator Lvl40 itm no stats

Reported by ★ Nodlain at Thu, 02 Feb 2017 09:06:52 UTC
worldbuild bug


Got a luminous short bow as a RoG drop in frontiers off of the Clurican aquavitors near the Hib relic keep. The bow has a 30% bonus yet when delved contains zero stats. Sanya Thomas herself stated that a RoG with no stats is not a bug if the mob the item came off of was level 6 or lower. I'm assuming she meant through omission that any mob higher than 6 that drops a RoG without stats would therefore be a bug.

Reproduction Steps

1. Check the code
2. to see if it is possible
3. for a high level item to generate without any stats at all. Pretty sure this isn't suppose to happen on high level loot. Random stats, yes. No stats at all on a level 40 item. No

Intended Behavior

Some sort of check feature should be in place when a RoG item is generated that sees how many imbue points were used in the generation. If the item is higher than level 6 and 0 imbue points were used, it should be rerolled in the RoG function.


Snack Size Bag
from Sanya Thomas
2003-02-07 19:44:27

A ROG item without stats, despite having capital letters in its name? Not a bug, if it came off a creature under level six.


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