3453: Eldritch stat debuff aoe str/con and dex/qui different timer

Reported by ☆ Xeladric at Wed, 01 Feb 2017 21:58:56 UTC
gamemechanic bug


The spec stats debuff of Class Eldrtich should NOT SHARE the same recast timer.

Way of the Sun Specialization - Shadow Control
Debuff (Instant, DEX/QUI)
Way of the Moon Specialization - Vacuumancy
Debuff (Instant, STR/CON, AOE)

The share timer was introduced with Patch Note 1.116


In conjunction with the instant stat debuff recast and duration changes, the following changes have been made.

The level 3 to level 18 single target dex/qui debuff spells have been changed to area of effect debuff.

The now AoE dex/qui debuff and AoE str/con debuff spells share a recast timer.


Reproduction Steps

1. Make an Eldritch at least at level 38.
2. Spend at least 25 points on Light Magic to get Blank Coordination (AoE Debuff Dex/Qui)
3. Spend at least 28 points on Light Magic to get Lesser Health Dispersal (AoE Debuff Str/Con)
4. Try to hit a mob and you all two instant spell goes down and share same timer, but should not until patch 1.116.

Intended Behavior

Put these two debuff lines in two differnt timers.



This link of patch 1.116 clearly explain that the 2 spell lines involved before this patch don't share same recast timer.


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Working as Intended
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