3447: Hib Druid epicarmory (Sidhe Scale ) lvl50-requirement custom

Reported by 🌟 Greenpeace at Wed, 01 Feb 2017 14:35:41 UTC
worldbuild bug
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When trying to equip the druid epicamory on a nonlvl50 druid it will not let me!
This was due a custom-solution for not having all epic-quests implented.
However now there are all epicquests and as promised by GM time to remove the lvl50 requirement to wear stuff :(

It seems some epicsets are fine, but druids epic is not one of them?!
on uth:

Reproduction Steps

1. Log hib
2. Get hands on a druid epicsuit
3. See any level50requirement?#
4. Fix pls
5. Check for other epicsuits too!

Intended Behavior

Remove the lvl50 requirement to wear epicarmory as gnome managed to add all missing epicquests.



No lvl50 requirement to wear the epictorso, only for being able to use the charge


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