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3446: Task requests "Iron winding crank" when recipe is grayed out

Reported by ☆ Robot at Wed, 01 Feb 2017 13:25:08 UTC
worldbuild bug
15 votes


When at Albion Weaponcrafting tradeskill level 419, I /whisper task to my crafting master and was given the task, "Craft the iron winding crank for Acey Dalston in the City of Camelot". This is an issue because "Winding Crank" under WC is still grayed out and not craftable at lvl 419 and requires you to sit for the duration of the task until it expires.

Reproduction Steps

1. Albion Weaponcrafting Trade (Paladin lvl5)
2. Task was given at 419 WC in camelot

Intended Behavior

Should probably simply not give this item as a crafting task until higher WC.


I have never seen a crafting task for an item I couldn't currently make. Normally the item given is blue-orange level.


issue has been assigned to Abydos
priority: 15
14 players say this report is valid, 0 disagree


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