3410: Last Name Cannot Include "Albion"

Reported by Revelation at Mon, 30 Jan 2017 03:15:55 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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I cannot select a last name that includes "Albion". When I include "Albion" in my last name, I get a message that says "[Name] is not a legal last name! Choose another." The length of the name, number of capital letters, exclusion of special characters, etc. does not have an affect on this bug; the issue is with "Albion" being in the last name.

Reproduction Steps

1. Using the /lastname [name] command at the Name Registrar NPC, attempt to set the last name to any string containing the word "Albion".
2. The usual rules for last names must be followed, i.e. no spaces, no more than 2 capital letters, not too long, etc.
3. This is too simple to have to write 3 steps.

Intended Behavior

"Albion" should be allowed within last names, i.e. "AlbionEyecandy" should be a valid last name. "Albion" was allowed within last names in classic and in Uthgard v1.


This was allowed in classic and on Uthgard v1. Unfortunately, I do not have screenshots to prove it.


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