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Mid quest "Thorgil's Daughter" the follow-up to Tomte Plot, Thorgil's 3 quest chain, is missing.

Reproduction Steps

1. Obtain Level 13
2. Talk to Thorgil
3. Does not offer quest

Intended Behavior

Quest should be implemented as a follow-up quest to Tomte Plot(12) and Tomte Problems(10).

Quest description, rewards, and steps listed here.


DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Notes from 1.63 Patch: - Thorgil's Daughter - The tomte Rygnol has been moved back to the Executioner's Room.

This is the third installment of Thorgil's quests. You must complete Tomte Problems and Tomte Plot quests first in that order.

Thorgil's daughter has been kidnapped.

Thorgil says, "My daughter is gone! I know I've spoken of her before.
Thorhalla is the sweetest little girl and her mother and I love her very
much. She went outside to visit the merchants yesterday like she always does, but when it began to grow dark, she didn't come home. I thought that perhaps she was staying with Hulda or Josli, so I went to visit both of them. Neither of them had seen Thorhalla since the middle of the day. That's when I [started to worry]

Thorgil says, "Hulda and Josli helped me ask all of the others in Audliten if they has seen Thorhalla, but no one had seen her since the middle of the day. With one last hope, I headed home, thinking she was hiding somewhere in the house, playing a trick on me. I searched all around but I couldn't find her. All I found was a note written in [a strange language] hidden under the bed."

Thorgil says, "No one around here could read it, but Hulda recognized it. She said that is was tomte writing and that her cousins could read it. I'd go take it to one of them, but I'm afraid to leave the house in case Thorhalla should come back. I would hate to have her find the house empty, since her mother is on her way back from Jordheim. Please, I need your help to [find my daughter]. I feel the tomtes are involved in her disappearance."

Dialog box: Will you help Thorgil find his missing daughter?

You have been given the Thorgil's Daughter quest.

Thorgil says, "Thank you. Here, take the note that was left. After talking with Hulda, she said that Emmerick would be best to help with this matter. He's in a guard tower down the road. Go east out of town and across both the stone bridge and the rope bridge. He's at the top of the tower, watching the tomtes. Be careful on those ladders! Hulda says they can be tricky. Please, get my daughter back!"

You receive a tomte note from Thorgil!

[Step #1] Go speak with Emmerick Averrson in the guard tower. Head east out of Audliten and follow the road across both the stone bridge and the rope one. Continue to the guard tower.

Emmerick Averrson is located in the Dvalin Guard Tower, loc 15k, 53k.

Emmerick Averrson says, "Hello there. My cousin Hulda said Thorgil was going to ask you for help again. I'm glad to see you agreed, for from what Hulda says, Thorgil and his daughter Thorhalla are both very nice people. Hulda sent word that Thorgil found a note written in the tomte language. Let me see it so I can read it."

[Step #2] Give Emmerick the tomte note from Thorgil.

You give Emmerick the tomte note from Thorgil.

Emmerick takes the note and reads it quickly.

ARGH! lost another one!

Emmerick Averrson says, "blah blah and they won't return her until Thorgil pays them for the loss of Smack or they may demand that the people of Audliten abandon the town in exchange for the girl. I don't want to think of the other possibility. you must find out what has become of Thorgil's daughter Thorhalla. To do that, you must be able to understand what the tomtes [are saying]."

Emmerick Averrson says, "Some of them speak the common tongue we all speak, but most of them speak their own language. My cousin Edvard and I have enchanted different pieces of jewelry that allow the wearer to understand the language of the tomtes. Wear this at all times when you enter the [lair of Nisse]. Once you enter the lair, seek out the handler Nioll. Hopefully he will have some clue that will lead you to Thorhalla."

You receive a tomte tooth earring from Emmerick Averrson!

[Step #3] Travel into Nisse's Lair and seek out the tomte handler named Nioll. Remember to wear the tomte tooth earring from Emmerick at all times.

Your best bet would be to put the earring on as soon as you get it. Once inside Nisse's Lair, go down the hall then to the first room on the right when you come to an area where you can go left, forward, or right. This room is filled with Tomte Handlers and a Tomte Warhounds, 3 of each. Nioll will spawn in this room so you will have to kill handlers for a bit to get him to spawn, doesn't take that long, a couple of spawn rounds.

Nioll says, "Invader! I know you are sent here to get the girl! You shall never get her!"

Nioll says, "Too bad I don't have to girl! Captor Rygnol has her now!"

[Step #4] See out the tomte captor, Rygnol. He knows something about Thorhalla's disappearance. Remember to wear the tomte tooth earring.

Rygnol is located in the south entrance to the Executioners room. Be prepared and bring an army, because when Rygnol dies he summons the Executioner and the whole room filled with Tomte Captors and Lair Guards comes at you. I got 9.

Rygnol says, "Executioner! Prepare the girl while I deal with this invader! We shall show all (race here) how we deal with them!"

Rygnol says, "Executioner! Do not let my death pass in vain! Do your duty to Nisse and execute this invader and the girl!"

[Step #5] Kill the Executioner to save Thorhalla. Remember to wear the tomte tooth earring!

You have saved the prisoners!!

The Executioner says, "No! How could you defeat me? May Nisse bring about your destruction! Flee now before he come for you!"

You receive the Executioner's Log from the Executioner!

[Step #6] Thoralla is on her way back to her father. Return to Emmerick in the guard tower.

Emmerick Averrson says, "So you have returned. I'm glad to see you made it out alive. I saw Thorhalla come running out of Nisse's Lair and head back toward Aedliten. Her father will be very pleased that you were able to save the young girl. Now, I wish I could allow you to keep the tomte tooth earring I gave you, but alas, I cannot. Please give it to me now."

[Step #7] Return the tomte tooth earring to Emmerick.

You give the tomte tooth earring.

You are awarded 58, XXX experience!

Emmerick Averrson says, "Thank you. Why, what's that you have? Is that a book you obtained in Nisse's Lair? Please, let me see it! I have been trying to obtain anything the tomtes have written. Hopefully it will be something I can use to aid in the fight against the tomtes."

[Step #8] Give Emmerick the Executioner's Log.

You give the Executioner's Log to Emmerick.

Emmerick Averrson says, "This is a treasure you have brought me! This is the Executioner's log and it contains a list of people he has executed and many orders from Misse himself, as well as future plans for the tomtes. Ny brother and I cannot thank you enough for bringing us this. Please, take this coin and use it to buy yourself something nice. I must go study this and you must go check on Thorhalla. Head back up to Audliten and speak with Thorgil."

You are awarded 115,850 experience!
You are awarded 10 silver and some copper!

[Step #9] Return to Thorgil in Audliten.

Thorgil says, "Thank you! I cannot say that enough! My daughter returned to me just as my wife arrived from Jordheim. After a brief reunion, she took Thorhalla off to Jordheim where she will be safe until the problem with the tomtes is resolved. I told my wife I would be giving you something from our [chest of jewels], and she supported the idea completely, for no price is too high for the safety of our child."

[Step #10] Speak with Thorgil and select your reward.

Thorgil says, "Let's see what I have in here. I have a [bracelet] that adds to your magical power, a [ring] that adds to your general well-being, a [necklace] that adds to your devotion, a [bracer] that will make you quite nimble, and a [mirror] that will show just how attractive you are. Choose carefully!"

Thorgil says, "Here is your Tomte Skin Bracelet. I got this from old Dielf over there. He said he made it a long time ago from the skin of a tomte shaman. Try it on, I know it will look good on you! Thank you again. Let's hope I won't need your help again, but id I should ever call, I know you will answer!"

You receive a Tomte Skin Bracelet from Thorgil!

You receive a Tomte Bone Ring from Thorgil!

You receive a Tomte Ear Necklace from Thorgil!

You receive a Tomte Skin Bracer from Thorgil!

*Guessed on name until someone confirms.

Tou have finished the Thorgil's Daughter quest.

Tomte Skin Bracelet
Tomte Ear Necklace
Tomte Mirror
Tomte Skin Bracer
Tomte Bone Ring




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