3285: [ALB] Some Undead are still not weak to Spirit Dmg - Barrows

Reported by ☆ Rem at Sat, 21 Jan 2017 09:40:44 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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In Stonehenge Barrows, Fallen Warriors and Repentant Followers are still not weak to spirit damage magic, being clearly undead-type monsters. Verified this using Theurgist's Ice Pets which deal Spirit Damage

Reproduction Steps

1. Create a Theurgist/Necromancer
2. Level it to 40
3. Hit Repentant Followers and Fallen Warriors in Stonehenge Barrows and see that they are not weak to Spirit damage magic.

Intended Behavior

Being clearly undead-type monsters, they should be weak to spirit-damage magic, like Others undead found down there


As seen in the screenshots before, they are not weak to spirit magic. All other undead found there in Barrows are instead weak to spirit magic (based on experience)


issue was resolved by Cirdan
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