3270: The Moonstone Twin epic quest lv. 45 step 8

Reported by ☆ Matthrault at Fri, 20 Jan 2017 19:17:37 UTC
worldbuild bug
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In this step we need wait mobs (horses) for talking them and pop Cadoc but this day they don't spawn.

Reproduction Steps

Step 8 The Moonstone Twin : Find Cadoc in the Cursed Forest by following his herd of Veil Steeds etc... In this step we need go to the 16k 58k in Cursed Forest, the day in game, and we (with others players) are stuck because the mobs don't spawns... (We waited from hours)...

Intended Behavior

Yesterday, this step was OK because mates can took this step but today was not possible, maybe need a reboot server...


http://hpics.li/b7eafb0 here is the screenshot of the area we need going to the quest and we are 6 players stuck atm


issue was resolved by Gnome
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