3257: Enchanter won't enchant Steel crafted Chain Armour

Reported by ☆ Sprout at Thu, 19 Jan 2017 17:54:41 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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I had a set of Steel AF20 chain armour made by an Armourcrafter. I took it to the Enchanter in Jordheim but attempts to enchant it failed with the message "I can't enchant this material". The same problem applied to all 6 parts of the set. Right clicking the Enchanter gives the message that armour needs to be "steel or better", which my crafted armour is. I tried other Enchanters, including the one in Mularn, with the same result.

Reproduction Steps

1. Craft some AF20 Steel chain (Pansarkedja).
2. Take it to an Enchanter.
3. Attempt to have the Enchanter enchant it.

Intended Behavior

Steel crafted chain armour needs to be made enchantable as it meets the minimum requirements for Enchanting.


It's always been possible to enchant steel crafted armour on live. The Enchanter NPC also says that the minimum requirement is "steel or better" so that's proof right there.


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