3244: Cannot reacquire items for epic questline if dropped

Reported by Lictria at Wed, 18 Jan 2017 22:18:10 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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I deleted the quest item for "Traveler's Way - Supply Run", not realizing the quest was part of the epic questline. This is not a specific bug, as nothing about the game's mechanics are wrong.

Reproduction Steps

1. Level any character to 7 to be able to get epic quest.
2. Acquire the supplies that are supposed to be delivered for the quest.
3. Drop the item on the ground.

Intended Behavior

This issue is very likely the way the game still worked in 1.65, and resolution likely required a Mythic GM's intervention. Therefore, I am requesting the aid of the Uthgard GM's to fill the same role.

If the developers of Uthgard wish to solve this problem without being 1.65-specific, they can make players able to abandon epic quests and pick them up again so they can get the item again. Or make it so that talking to the NPC gives you the item again if you have dropped it.


As mentioned before, this is not a bug, I just need help from the GMs to solve an issue with a missing quest item that is largely my own fault. It would benefit the game if I could solve this problem myself, but the current mechanics disallow it.


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