3240: Hibernian "Please Deliver!" does not give the correct reward

Reported by Gandelf at Wed, 18 Jan 2017 19:08:42 UTC
worldbuild bug
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The Hibernian quest "Please Deliver!" gives less of a reward than indicated in the quest dialogue. Instead of rewarding completion of the quest with 5s 47c only 1s 8c is received.

Reproduction Steps

1. Pick up the "Please Deliver!" quest from Ula in Mag Mell. Ula asks you to deliver a letter to Dirmyg south of the guard tower on the road to Tir na mBeo.
2. Deliver the letter to Dirmyg and see that the reward indicated in the dialogue is 5s 47c.
3. Click to finish the quest and note that the reward is much less than indicated and is in fact just a little of 1 silver.

Intended Behavior

The correct reward of 5 silver and 47 copper coins should be given.


I don't have any evidence because I didn't record any.


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