3224: Queue crash after some times

Reported by ☆ Grimlon at Tue, 17 Jan 2017 19:05:01 UTC
launcher bug


it happened now serveral times that,

i was in the Queue start pos 1xxx and after waiting over an hour it Ends and i have to start new
instead of pos 200 and may waiting for 30 min again pos 1xxx and wait for another houer or 2 or 3......

it did not happen everytime but because of that Queue ...one time is too much

Reproduction Steps

1. start the game

2. wait

3. if it not happend leave game and start new

Intended Behavior

Player that get kicked that way of the Queue should get in on old Position or fix the reason why the launcher Crash

pc is 2 weeks old and have absolutly no other Problem or games that Crash
even if daoc is running the game did never Crash before


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