3221: Tireless doesn't regen any endurance during combat

Reported by Pietros at Tue, 17 Jan 2017 12:50:16 UTC
gamemechanic bug


The RA Tireless said "Your Character regenerates endurance in combat", I took the level 2, should be similar as the Regen green of the Shaman but I got 1 tick endurance every 10s...

Reproduction Steps

1. Train Tireless until lvl2
2. Make a fight using Styles
3. Almost no endu is regenerate

Intended Behavior

This regen should be egal at the Shaman one to worth the points spend in this RA>


Well this is clearly considering as a endurance regen in combat but doesn't work at all, you only got a small amount of endurance who's regen like one pulls every 10s which it's absolutely not comparable as the buff one. Thank you :)


Issue was invalid:
Working as Intended
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