3209: Quest: Returning to the source - Reeni don't give scroll

Reported by ☆ Grimalkin at Mon, 16 Jan 2017 20:51:10 UTC
worldbuild bug
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"Returning to the Source" are a SUB quest to the very long quest "Returning for more".

When recieving the quest from Reeni in Ardagh, you are supposed to get a sroll to hand in at NeXT step. Reeni did not give me the scroll.

Reproduction Steps

1. Take the quest in Howth at lvl 30 - spent 2 hours to get to the broken part...
2. Give me the scroll so I can continue the quest :)

Intended Behavior

Get Reeni to hand over the scroll when giving out the quest.

It is one of the longest quests in game and players are getting quite angry spending more than two hours before hitting this error.


I really dont see the point showing you a screenie of what I did not get from the npc :)


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