3195: Logging out in keeps transports you back to your Portal Keep

Reported by ☆☆☆ Envoy at Mon, 16 Jan 2017 02:48:33 UTC
gamemechanic bug


I logged off in Bledmeer, since it is the only place where I can craft.

When I logged back in, I was in Svasud.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go to Bled.
2. Log off.
3. Log back in.
4. You're at Svasud.

Intended Behavior

You should never be automatically ported away from the keep. You should be allowed to log off inside of it.


From a Grab Bag


"My Lord – With 1.115, a change was made preventing players from logging out in keeps. After 10 minutes, any player logged out in a Keep or Tower would log back in to find themselves at their Portal Town. I’ve been asking around, and it seems that this change has negatively affected the preferred play-style of some of my friends and Realm mates. Explain yourself sir!
I daresay, old chap easy on the wine!

This was another change made with the hopes of improving the dynamic of a Keep fight. The result however has not been what was anticipated. Logging out in a Keep enables Guilds and indeed any player the opportunity to defend that Keep if it is attacked. Simply kicking players out of the Keeps is not quite the solution we had hoped for – so this feature will be re-enabled in 1.115b and we will be discussing a more elegant dynamic for the future."


Issue is a duplicate: #1486
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