3172: dungeon aggro from other rooms.

Reported by ☆ Noradae at Sun, 15 Jan 2017 08:10:44 UTC
worldbuild bug


When in dodens we will pull from the Ice wolves room and get aggro from 4 ice wolves. When killing the ice wolves we will get aggro from 2-3 more decayed dire wolfs that are no where near us.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go into dodens
2. Pull from ice wolf room
3. Watch the aggro come from decayed dire wolfs

Intended Behavior

I believe mobs shouldnt run from 5rooms away to aggro a group. For sure it shouldnt happen when you already have 4mobs aggroed.


Everyone should know in original daoc mobs would never aggro from 5rooms away unless it's a specific boss fight or other mechanic.


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