3161: Rhian's Dyes quest items are sellable

Reported by Nihara at Sat, 14 Jan 2017 23:23:42 UTC
worldbuild bug
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This is an extension of resolved issue #1429: Quest item "Lock of Hair" is sellable(Qst: Rhian`s Dyes/Hib). The badger scent gland is sellable and the eierbug eyes have nothing denoting them as a quest item but are not sellable. Lock of Hair is both unsellable and is in capital letters and has a description denoting it as a quest item.

Reproduction Steps

1. Run through Rhian's Dyes quest to receive quest drops.
2. Delve items to see missing information then try to sell quest items.
3. Delete quest then rerun to get items again.

Intended Behavior

Please make all three items unsellable and add in description that they are quest items.


Quest items that are sellable only lead to the player having to delete the quest and start anew. Also giving the item name capital letters helps to quickly differentiate between quest items and sellable items without having to delve the item.


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