3135: Quest "Straw's in town" fails to progress past step #3

Reported by ☆ Biko at Fri, 13 Jan 2017 20:30:30 UTC
worldbuild bug
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Following the quest line, step #3 asks to Search for Straw. I locate Straw, and engage him in combat. Killing Straw does nothing. The quest stays on step #3, and does not progress.

Reproduction Steps

1. Begin the quest titled Straw's in town in Hibernia
2. Locate Straw using the directions given in step #3
3. Kill Straw. Be confused because nothing changes. No feedback is given, the quest does not progress to step #4. No special item drops.

Intended Behavior

According to my Google search, this issue has occurred before, and I believe Straw should run away, progressing the quest.




The links provided in previous fields I believe provide this evidence.


issue has been assigned to Gnome
priority: 49
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