3134: alb: stacked/nested mobs in camps that dont move/wander

Reported by ☆ Calysta at Fri, 13 Jan 2017 20:02:56 UTC
gamemechanic bug


not a game breaker, but you should be aware that there appears to be a common bug at mob camps in which spawns do not move after generation and fail to "wander". This has the effect of "stacking" or "nesting" mobs inside of each other; ie, multiple objects occupy the same space.

Once an interaction is initiated, they do seem to behave properly.

I have observed this across multiple sessions and confirmed that others are observing this behavior as well. It came to my attention within the last few days. I am new to the server though, so this may be an old/known issue however I did not see it in the issue tracker.

Reproduction Steps

1. visit a mob camp.
2. if none observed, visit another.
3. so far ive seen them in both busy areas (new character areas) and in remote areas; but only in spawn camps.

Intended Behavior

verify that the wander/movement mechanics are starting/running properly at spawn.


i dont have any proof to present, but a world-chat question can confirm it and may be sufficient to locate a current example. I assume it happens on the other realms as well, but I can only vouch for Albion (and specifically regarding bandits, cut purses, decayed corpses, puny skeletons, skeletons, and (?)wolves).


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