3102: Tradeskill Tailoring Task gives no reward after relog/LD

Reported by Cairn at Thu, 12 Jan 2017 10:13:00 UTC
worldbuild bug


Doing Tradeskill tasks on my Tailor for Money
Reward is ok when you dont relog or go linkdead - you dont get a reward if you have to log or lose connection, just a "thank you"

Reproduction Steps

1. Get a Tradeskill task from your Trainer and craft the Item
2. Log out, then log on again
3. Deliver the Item and receive no money for it

Intended Behavior

You should get money for the Item regardless of relogging or losing connection


Got no evidence of intended behavior, but either should the task reset or the task should give the Reward


Issue is a duplicate: #1652
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