3097: Hibernia players seemed to have lost equipped items last 24h

Reported by ☆ Looper at Thu, 12 Jan 2017 07:57:01 UTC
worldbuild bug


Multiple reports of people in Hibernia who have lost all (or nearly all) items equipped on their character in the preceding 24h from 1/12/2017 back to 1/11/2017 -- confirmed by me, Schub. I had a Wavy Piercer equipped, Blackthorne Vest, Blackthorne Wreath and a full set of the lowest reinforced for the remaining slots.

Reproduction Steps

1. Look at a snapshot of my character from 1/11/2017
2. Observe the items he had equipped
3. Look at my character currently and see that he has no equipped items

Intended Behavior

Would it be possible to return items to players or at least confirm the bug has been identified and repaired? It's hard to have confidence in leveling up and advancing if my gear may disappear at any time


I did not drop or sell any of my items, I logged out with them on 1/11 then logged back in on 1/12 and they weren't on my character.


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