3094: Enchanter Epic Step with the "Roane Skin"

Reported by Eiliniel at Thu, 12 Jan 2017 02:03:43 UTC
worldbuild bug


Hazard drop the Roane Skin then we got the Quest Step bring the Roane Skin to Resa.

After arriving Resa she take the Roane Skin and go ... but Quest Step dont count and i cant end the Epic Step !

Again kill Hazard to drop Roane Skin dont work and i cant remove Quest to restart !

Reproduction Steps

1. Play the Enchanter Epic
2. kill Hazard
3. give Resa the roane skin

Intended Behavior

Admin/GM delets my Jornal so i can do it again and hope it work or
manuel Admin/GM finish my Step and the QuestItem


Dont have a screen or a video but you can it easily done self, can be that the it was a server lag or something other strange server operation.

Half Hiverbia is wrong mit Mobs ... many named Mobs dont exist, Wrong Mobs and Spots ... but overkill is ... Hiberna is empty .... Spot's where on Classik 4-5 Groups level here only can 1 Group and 1-2 pulls and Spot is empty !!!!


Issue was invalid:
Closed by reporter
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