3087: (Midgard) The Red Dagger #11 Cannot be completed at 35+

Reported by ☆ Starstruck at Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:40:34 UTC
worldbuild bug


At Level 35 chiseler (the Spiders required for the quest) con Grey and you do not receive any loot from them. I've found and killed 3 of them, the quest drop doesn't appear.

I assume the cold light and flurry Mobs - that are required for this quest aswell - share the same issue. They did not drop the quest item on first kill, but it was part of the loot. (i got those at a lower Level)

Reproduction Steps

1. Create character of class Thane must be Level 35+ (chiseler must con Grey)
2. Have quest "The Red Dagger" Step 11.
3. Kill a chiseler in Yggrda, it won't drop loot. Quest cannot advance.

very likely:
4. Kill a cold light in Yggrda, likely same issue.
5. Kill a flurry in Yggrda, likely same issue.

Intended Behavior

The chiseler should drop the quest item on killing it (just how one-time-Drops work), not from it's loot table.


None, but if the quest cannot be completed after Level 34 this should be explicitly stated as a warning in the quest Journal.


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