3086: Stacking damage spells on pet are both being halved

Reported by ☆ Petjab at Wed, 11 Jan 2017 18:10:45 UTC
gamemechanic bug
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When casting the spell Gift of the Fallen (1.5 dps damage shield) on pet an Escaped Thrall received 5-8 return damage per a hit on my pet. Adding the spell Spirit's Revenge ( 1.5 dps focus damage spell) the Escaped Thrall received 5-8+2-4 return damage for the first hit. Every hit on pet after the first hit with both damage shields Escaped Thrall received (2+3)-(4+4) damage. The Gift of the Fallen Damage Shield should be at half strength and Spirit's Revenge at full strength for all hits not just the first hit.

Reproduction Steps

1. Make a Norseman Mystic and level it to 5, choose Spiritmaster and train all in summoning
2. Attack a mob and cast Spirit of the Fallen and Spirit's Revenge
3. Note the mob's damaged received from the damage shields

Intended Behavior

Spirit's Revenge should be at full strength for all hits and Gift of the Fallen at half strength for all hits when damage shields are stacked on your pet.
This relates to resolved issue 0750


Patch note 1.47b
" -Damage add chants (Paladin, Skald, Warden) now stack with base damage add buffs, but only add half damage when stacked. Pet-only damage adds and shields also stack the same way."


issue is new, and needs confirmation
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