3085: Stonehenge Mobs roaming

Reported by Smeath at Wed, 11 Jan 2017 17:35:04 UTC
gamemechanic bug
1 confirmations


All Mobs in Stonehenge are roaming strangely around. This is not their correct behavior. In the Beta it was correct.

Reproduction Steps

1. Go into Stonehenge
2. See Mobs roaming around
3. Have Problems pulling mobs
4. Try to get further down and get killed by the Templar Avenger

Intended Behavior

Mobs in Stonehenge should most of the time stay on their fixed positions except some for some mobs who walk a few meters only.


I have only my memory and the behavior from beta as evidence.


issue is new, and needs confirmation
requires 2 more confirmations
votes (priority): 4
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