3077: Fagan's Wand - Enchanted Ghoul not spawning

Reported by ☆ Dystemper at Wed, 11 Jan 2017 08:10:32 UTC
worldbuild bug
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I have the quest Fagan's Wand. i wait near the area he is supposed to spawn (33k, 33k Connacht) after 9am (daytime) and neither he nor the other wind ghouls spawn

Reproduction Steps

1. Get the quest Fagan's Wand and get the step to kill an ENCHANTER wind ghoul (there are three others from what Zam says)
2. Go to /loc 33K, 33k Connacht after 9am game time (morning/day) and wait for wind ghouls and enchanted wind ghoul to spawn
3. Wait til night time game time and see that these mobs nor the enchanted version of the mob for the quest never spawn.

Intended Behavior

Enchanted wind ghoul needs to spawn and then be killable for quest credit. if other wind ghouls spawn like on live, that's a bonus.

On a side note, I walked around Connacht where (according to Capnbry.net) there are also supposed to be wind ghouls and found none of those types of mobs. not saying Capnbry is the end all of where mobs are supposed to be, but I think the mobs might be missing from the realm completely as well.


The quest mob and mobs around it just never spawn. During the day, which as I recall from live, they are supposed to, even at this patch.


issue was resolved by Gnome
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